Root Wellness

Clean Slate

Clean Slate’s formula, under patent-pending technology, was developed to safely assist the body’s natural ability the removal of environmental toxins and heavy metals.


  • PASSIVE CLEANSING: Safely supports the removal of toxins and heavy metals from the entire body.
  • REDUCES INFLAMMATION: Clean Slate assists in the reduction of negative inflammation by removing the root cause of the issues.
  • INCREASES ABSORPTION: Clean Slate supports the absorption of nutrients by the removal of toxins that may block the nutrient binding site.


Strategically formulated as a quantum nano-emulsion of natures most powerful support system to protect and regenerate your microbiome. RESTORE works to destroy fungus and parasites while supporting the reduction of systemic inflammation and rehabilitate your gut tight junctions. RESTORE simply provides a tasty crucial gift from our heart to your hands.


  • Immune support. 
  • Supports bone health. 
  • Supports healthy blood pressure. 
  • Provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Zero-in will help get you away from brain fog and into laser-sharp mental focus. It’s a natural alternative to synthetic stimulants. Get all of your cylinders firing at full force. Made with turmeric, pine bark, velvet bean seed, and vitamin D. 


  • Cognitive function. Helps support increased attention span and concentration levels through a natural, proprietary brain formula. 
  • Mental acuity.  Aids healthy brain function and focus while improving the delivery of oxygen to cells and increasing dopamine levels up to 14 hours.